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England Korfball AGM round up

England KorfballSunday (15th July) saw folk from all over the country gather in South Croydon for the 2012 EKA AGM. There was a lot discussed and for the benefit of those who couldn’t make it here’s a quick summary..

Kev and James were representing the NW as well as their respective clubs Warriors and Hawks (though James chose to vote as the NW – sorry Hawks!).

The meeting started fashionably late as we waited for quorum but eventually it came and we were off. Nick Donovan, standing down as EKA chair and secretary (busy man!) gave his congratulations for a successful year of English korfball with the England team in China and Trojans in Europe. His main message, however, was to all clubs and areas about the hidden costs of korfball..

  • Pay coaches and officials properly and on-time, don’t wait to be asked before you pay them – some people may like to offer services for free but it’s nice to be able to offer!
  • Pay for travel for important things – like the AGM (which was under attended by many).
  • Most importantly budget for these! If it’s needed it isn’t a worry, if it’s not then you’re quids in!

Another important message was about registering players properly on fixtureslive, this means making players “national members” by filling in all their details and uploading a photograph then clicking “make national member”. It doesn’t cost anything to do and is needed to insure your members!

It was also recognised a need for more volunteers are needed for junior korfball – if you’re interested in volunteering with the EKA, NWKA, or at your own club, or even something a bit different, there’s plenty of people to help you develop ideas and give you support. Kev Moss is the NWKA Child Protection Officer and a great starting point for a chat, he also runs KidsKorf which is worth a look to see what they’re doing already in the NW.

The EKA are also on the lookout for help from volunteers so if you’re interested you can look on the England Korfball website at the volunteer section – the website’s new so if you can’t find what you’re after just use the contact link and they’re quick to respond. Especially the EKA are after coordinators for the EKA Cup and Senior Inter Areas. It was said that without volunteers competitions might not be able to run next season!

Whilst we’re on about competitions fees were announced for 2012/13 season:

  • NL play-offs / Champions Trophy – £200
  • Senior inter-areas – £120
  • National Youth Day – £20 (£10 U9s – teams of 4).
  • EKA Cup – £30

There was also some discussion about fees for teams which were £200 last season with a proposal to go up a further 3% for the upcoming season. After feedback from NWKA clubs the NW voted against this and were not alone however the proposal was still voted through. The EKA listened to all sides and will try to show all players and clubs – from international to grass roots – the benefits from being part of England Korfball.

A quick note from the Graham Crafter of the referee’s development sub-committee was that there should be less post-game disciplinary procedures and referees should not be worried about warning players of their actions and using cards if necessary. The NWKA supports all of its referees and echoes the comments of Graham.

What else?

There’s no EKA development officer at present, this is a great shame and so if you’re interested in getting involved please do! There is also £10,000 in their budget for development so if you have a good idea they would welcome your proposals and the ability to help you out!

The EKA announced their strategy for from now until 2016 – read more here. In short they want more players, coaches, volunteers and officials – don’t we all? – but they have great ideas to take this forward so have a look at it and it might spark some ideas from you.

There’s currently 2360 players – this is probably a bit out but it’s a good ball park figure.

Last year 101 people took the theory referee exam, I’m pretty sure 20 of these were from the NW so well done everyone!

As a final note the NWKA would like to thank those who have done a lot of hard work for the EKA over the last year and those who have stepped up for the next year or more! Thank you!

Competitions Meeting

A meeting will be held to discuss the league and cup format for the 2012/13 season on Saturday 24th March. It will be held in the Grand Central Wetherspoons in Fallowfield, M14 6NL.

Attendance is not necessary although it’s recommended at least one member from each club is present.

Resulting rules and format will be put to the vote at the NWKA AGM. No other league rules will be available for vote at the AGM.

North West Cup Semi Final Draw

The draw for the semi finals of the North West Cup was made at the weekend by the NWKA committee. The draw is as follows:

12:30 Manchester University 1 vs Manchester Warriors
13:40 Manhester City 2 vs Lancaster University 1

The 3rd place play-off and final will take place after the semi-finals:

15:00 3rd place play-off
16:15 Final

Ties will be played on Saturday 17th March at the Armitage Centre. Referees will be assigned by the NWKA committee.

Inter-Areas Round-Up

Last Sunday twelve players made their way down from the North West to compete in the inter-areas tournament in Nottingham. I say twelve, but really I mean three, the rest were making their way from Leeds after a pre-tournament warm-up tournament. Unfortunately the tournament had managed to take casualties and the twelve were only eleven (I’d say get well soon Tori but this is a week late so you probably have already..).

We arrived nice and early, the Leeds lot had brought along a rather yellow Rachel Swallow who’d been selected for GB Students who were playing in a rather tough group of East Midlands and South West. The NW was drawn against the West Midlands and our neighbours from Staffordshire and Crewe. The latter had withdrawn meaning our first game was to decide the group winner and who would avoid the rather scary looking East Midlands!

The game started faster than expected and we were soon behind, Adam scored to pull us back and Ben fired in another. The game slowly slipped away from us though and with just over a minute remaining we were 4-2 down. Pete knocked one back for us from distance before Big Dave slammed in the equaliser from downtown! Was enough time remaining for us to win a penalty and Ben to score! We win 5-4, woop!!

Showing us what we could have won the East Midlands with a few guests from GB Students made up a scratch team to give us another game. Nothing to note here other than the unorthodox free pass that resulted in Ben’s brother, Jonny, scoring underarm from the corner, nice!

So into the quarters, a tough test against the South West who’d warmed up weeks earlier with a friendly against Wales. In comparison some of our squad had met this morning. Not to worry as captain Harriet had been like 007 and scouted out their weaknesses. NW took it to them holding out in defence and coring some great goals. 6-3, easy. Ref thought he’d have a laugh, “It’s a draw, will play golden goal,” jokes!

Next up was a strong and organised Kent team, their shots fell from the start and NW morale was down. Lucy finally found her kit and came off the bench to win a penalty. Despite a claw back at the score it wasn’t enough and we were out of the running for top!

And so to the 3rd / 4th play-off against Norfolk. We held strong and gave it a good go but again they were just a bit too good. I don’t really remember much apart from Phil Buttinger’s crew from the sidelines making it a loud affair. We lost but went down fighting!

Awesome day, no medals this year but we will be back!

Massive well done to the whole squad and a thanks to Annie, Thom and Harriet for driving; and not forgetting Mike Brayne and Kev Jones who got us all in shape and picked the squad, we all owe you a pint, and everyone down in Nottingham esp Sam Whittaker who made the day great for everyone!

The squad:
Harriet Derrick, captain (Manchester Hawks)
Victoria Kent (Lancaster University)
Lucy McConnell (Manchester City)
Rebecca McKenny (Lancaster University)
Annie Pinder (Manchester Hawks)
Steph Wood (Manchester Warriors)

Dave Ansell (Manchester City)
Adam Luto (Lancaster University)
Pete McGuckian (Manchester Warriors)
James McNaughton (University of Manchester)
Ben Nickerson (Manchester City)
Thom Partridge (Manchester Hawks)

North West Cup Draw

The draw for the North West Cup was made this evening by the NWKA committee. The draw is as follows with referee commitments in brackets:

13:30 Manchester City 2 vs Manchester University 2 (Lancaster)
13:30 Hawks 1 vs Warriors 1 (Manchester City)
14:45 Manchester City 1 vs Manchester University 1 (Warriors)
14:45 Lancaster University 1 vs Lancaster University 2 (Hawks)

Ties will be played on 25th February at the Armitage Centre.

Great North West Trials

Sixteen players turned up to North West Squad training on Sunday with the prospect of selection for the squad at the Inter-Areas competitions in Nottingham on February 12th. Coached by Warrior’s Mike Brayne and Kev Jones players were put through their paces for three hours at Sale leisure centre.

The attendees brought a mix of experience from the NWKL and CERL and represented by most association clubs. A special mention to Lancaster University players who had eight making the long trip down. Club representation was as follows:

City – 0
Hawks – 3
Lancaster – 8
Manchester University – 2
Warriors – 3

The North West Squad hopes to meet again regularly throughout the year. The Inter-Areas Squad will be announced soon!

Korfball action this weekend

This weekend sees an action packed return to the NW korfball season.

Manchester City will host a free taster session on Saturday 21st January at Sale Leisure Centre from 1 – 2:30pm.

This will be followed by a friendly match between Manchester City and University 2:30 – 4pm.

And don’t forget on Sunday there will be a North West Squad training session from 4-7pm, again at Sale Leisure Centre. It will cost £5 to cover costs.

Lions to leave league after split

Man Uni have decided that the Lions will not continue in the North West League for the second half of the season. With a heavy fixtures schedule this year all clubs have struggled to put out consistent squads each week. This decision allows Man Uni to play more consistent teams for the remainder of the season!

North West Squad Coach and Training

We’re pleased to announce the North West Squad training from 4 – 7 pm on Sunday 22nd January at Sale Leisure Centre. This will be an open session for anyone interested in taking part in the Inter Areas in Nottingham on February 12th.

Mike Brayne will lead the session with assistance from his Warrior’s team mate Kev Jones!

For further information contact Rach (